Breast Cancer Run 2024


October 20, 2024    
6:30 am - 12:00 pm


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Nakasero Primary School
Kampala, Kampala, Kampala
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Distance: 5km & 10km


Eric Cancer Initiative is a non-profit organization and a member of the Uganda Cancer Society committed to combating breast cancer in Uganda by providing breast cancer education/awareness training to women in communities, giving screen-up interventions, and providing follow-up support for any identified cases in different communities of Uganda. Thus, Eric Cancer Initiative influences positive health indicators around breast health and saves lives.


As an organization dedicated to empowering women and girls, we recognize the importance of early recognition of breast cancer for better treatment outcomes. Our experience has shown that women face significant barriers in accessing and utilizing breast cancer screening services, including limited access to health centres which do the screening and finances to pay for a mammogram test in private centres.

Join us in our charity run to raise vital funds for the breast cancer screen-up van! Annual breast cancer screening is crucial for early detection and treatment, but many women in Uganda cannot afford the expensive mammogram services offered in private health centres. Moreover, not all government health centres provide this essential service, leaving countless women without access to this life-saving screening. By participating in our run, you’ll be helping to bridge this gap and ensure that more women have access to free or low-cost breast cancer screenings. Let’s create a healthier, more compassionate community for all!

How you can participate

  • As a woman, mother or girl child, sign up as an ambassador to advocate for this preventable cancer.
  • Sponsor the run as a company, and you’ll have the opportunity to be branded on the run vests and get publicity through Nation Media Group, our media sponsor.
  • Buy a runner’s vest at 30,000 to support this fundraiser as an individual or company.
  • As a team, form your team as work colleagues and sports buddies to join and participate in the actual run as we raise the target amount.
  • As a vendor, book space to supply water, food, or juice to the run participants at 100,000 Ugx a stall.

To sign up, Call;

0788578077 / 0701285087


  • Get runners vest at 30,000 Ugx (Both adult and children)
  • Have your vest customized in case a survivor or honoring your loved one who died due to breast cancer at 50,000 shs


A fully equipped breast cancer screening van of 400Milion Ugandan shillings 


Account Number: 6007840533
Bank Name: Absa bank Uganda limited


The Breast Cancer Run is a meaningful and impactful way to support our country’s breast cancer education and screening efforts. By participating in this event, individuals can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer and help save lives by early recognition.

Join us in raising funds for the breast cancer screen-up van and promote early recognition, which is critical this October 20th at Nakasero Primary School.



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