About E.R.I.C.

E.R.I.C Cancer Initiative Limited is a company that is registered as a company limited by guarantee with Registration number (80020003948069) operating in the whole of Uganda with its head office in Mukono district along Katosi road just behind Hilton Secondary School-Zion campus, plot number 411.

It’s committed to creating awareness of breast cancer in communities in Uganda and thereby influencing positive health indicators around breast health.

E.R.I.C in full means Early Recognition Is Critical. E.R.I.C International as an organization was founded in 2012. Its establishment in different parts of the world is based on the real-life time story of Eric a young boy who was diagnosed with cancer early, received appropriate medical interventions and survived till date. The family believes that most people’s lives can be saved if they test and recognise any cancer earlier hence establishment of E.R.I.C organisations across the world.

E.R.I.C Cancer Initiative Limited Uganda was founded in October 2022 as a branch in Uganda looking at ensuring early recognition of breast cancer amongst other cancers affecting Ugandans. Its work was first based in Mukono district after being informed of the need for the information from a situational analysis guided by the district health officer of the region. Women in Katosi and Mpoma regions had presented with signs and symptoms of breast cancer and 37 of these through E.R.I.C trainings sought for care before these became cancerous. We are grateful to God that they were treated as benign cases and these women still have a chance to hope for a better life with their families. Since inception, E.R.I.C Cancer Initiative Limited Uganda has extended its services to women and girls in their reproductive ages in Gulu and Wakiso districts as well.

Our Vision

To save lives by early recognition of breast cancer

Our Mission

To prevent and respond to breast cancer by raising awareness towards early recognition being critical in breast cancer management. We foster this through awareness creation, partnerships for patient support and capacity building.

Our Goal

To contribute towards the reduction of breast cancer burden amongst Ugandan women and girls of reproductive ages by ensuring a knowledgeable population and positive response towards early recognition of the disease.

What we do

We provide free breast cancer education, screenings, and follow-up support to the women of Uganda. We do this following a 40-20-40 Model explained below;

  • 40 % Education and Outreach
  • 20 % Screenings
  • 40 % Follow Up Support

Education and Outreach 40 %

  • Survey (that is you!) the community to assess the current state of awareness
  • Seminars with Village Health Teams
  • Distribution of educational materials to women
  • Education on how to do a self-breast exam


Screening 20 %

  • Through medical camps in partnership with other stakeholders. Medical staff provide screenings and make appropriate referrals for diagnostic interventions.

Follow Up Support 40 %

If someone needs follow up support after the screening findings, we provide it through;

  • Linking victims to health care systems to achieve a continuum of care.
  • Partnering with community-led organizations to provide care.
  • Routine follow up by ERIC team to assess the management process.

Our Core Values

Integrity– We emphasize accurate and detailed sharing of awareness information. We give credit to all contributors and publicly disclose all relevant relationships and conflicts of interest.

Impact-Awareness creation must have a meaningful impact on how breast cancer is understood, prevented or treated.

Accountability enhances an environment of openness to the breast cancer community and the public.

We remain accountable to all our partners and donors that enable the work that we do.

Respect– Personal screening tests must be conducted with the highest respect for individuals with or at risk of breast cancer.

Compassion and Courage-Caring for and supporting those at risk of breast cancer. Undeterred by challenges and bold in actions around creating awareness on breast cancer.

Collaboration– We believe in a multisectoral approach towards responding to breast cancer and its outcomes

Our Team


Damalie musasizi

Programs Manager

Jovia Nabatte

Ass Project Manager

Namubiru Ruth Mugenyi

Partnership and Relation Officer