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About us

E.R.I.C Cancer Initiative

Eric Cancer Initiative is a Not to profit organization that is registered as a company limited by guarantee with Registration number (80020003948069) operating in the whole of Uganda with its head office in Mukono district along Katosi road just behind Hilton Secondary School-Zion campus, plot number 411.

Eric Cancer Initiative was founded by Early Recognition Is Critical (E.R.IC.) in October 2022 as a chapter in Uganda.

We are committed to creating awareness about breast cancer and breast self-examination techniques for early recognition of the disease in communities in Uganda and thereby influencing positive lifestyle changes and healthy-seeking behaviours around breast health amongst women and girls of reproductive ages.

Since its inception, Eric Cancer Initiative Uganda has operated in the northern and central regions of Uganda, wanting to expand its services to women and girls in the eastern and western parts of Uganda and East Africa.

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Cancer burden in Uganda

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, and Uganda is no exception. Breast Cancer is the second leading cancer among women in Uganda, with thousands being diagnosed each year. (Female cancers registered were 18,578(56%) and male cancers 14,601(44%) statistics from Cancer Burden Uganda 2017-2020 released by UCI).

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women and 1 in 1,000 men, touching the lives of loved ones, friends, and communities worldwide. Eric Cancer Initiative aims to raise awareness about breast cancer in Uganda, and we believe that everyone deserves access to quality cancer care, regardless of their status or location. Despite this, many Ugandans lack access to cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and palliative care.

Our Team

our staff

Jamil Kisubi

Uganda Country Director

Ruth Namubiru

Ruth Namubiru

Projects Manager

Nalwanga Damalie .

Nalwanga Damalie

Projects Coordinator

Jesca Abago

Jesca Abago

Finance And M&E Officer

Sharitah Nanyonjo

Sharitah Nanyonjo

Central Projects Coordinator

Nabatte Jovia

Nabatte Jovia

Ass Central Projects Coordinator

Shakira Kansiime

Communications and Social Media Manager

What we do

We provide free breast cancer education, screenings,and follow up support to the women of Uganda. We
do this following a 40-20-40 Model explained below;

40 % Education and Outreach
40 % Follow Up Support
20 % Screenings

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