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Field Coordinator (Northern Uganda)

JOB TITLE:                                   Field Coordinator (Northern Uganda)

FUNCTION/ DEPARTMENT:    Programs Department

REPORTING TO:                        Programs Coordinator

JOB TYPE:                                   Full Time

JOB GRADE:                                N/A

JOB LOCATION:                         Gulu



The incumbent will be responsible for implementing project initiatives related to breast cancer awareness in their region of operation. This would include executing project plans, events and campaigns, educating the community and defining key milestones.


  1. Communicate with immediate supervisor about community training outreaches, projects, expectations and goals.
  2. Organize and oversee the delivery of breast cancer awareness training activities, making adjustments as necessary and ensuring they are delivered according to specifications and high standards.
  3. Conduct and monitor our breast cancer awareness programs in the region.
  4. Train and enrol the Village Health Teams on breast health for sustainability and a continuum of the project.
  5. Follow up on any identified risks and positive cases within the community.
  6. Conduct routine and timely reporting of all activities and the status of service delivery.
  7. Collaborate with all departments, finance teams and other team members on budgeting and allocating funds.
  8. Delegate tasks to appropriate team members.
  9. Manage deadlines and progress across the team to ensure timely delivery.
  10. Attend all routine and emergency meetings by different departments as needed.
  11. Perform any other work assigned by the supervisor.
QUALIFICATIONS● Diploma/degree in a relevant field such as medical field, social sciences, public health, community development, management or any related discipline.

 Previous 3 years’ experience working in community set up roles, preferably in a related field or with similar focus such as health promotion, or community outreach.




●  Knowledge about breast cancer and its impact on individuals and communities.

●  Knowledge of prevention strategies, early detection methods, treatment options and support services available.



● Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential for effectively collaborating with team members.

●  Advanced knowledge of the local language will be preferred.

●  Strong computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft applications.

●  Organizational skills include planning, organising and executing various project activities effectively.

●   Leadership skills (ability to lead and motivate a team)

●   Conflict resolution skills

●    Ability to work effectively under pressure


Disclaimer: The job description above does not exhaustively list the skills, effort, duties, and responsibilities associated with the position.

Send cover letter and resume to

Attach three referees with active email addresses.




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