On 18/11/2022 during a breast cancer awareness training in Mengo local council 1 Mpunge sub county Mukono district, I was diagnosed with three small immobile lamps in my left breast just after the axillary, with mild pain on deep palpation. I experienced irregular episodes of pain in the very breast though did not give it attention since it wasn’t severe. I had not visited a health center for any checkups because I did not even know why. Eric cautioned and supported me to go for medical help, I was taken to ntenjeru health center 4 and finally referred to Mukono Hospital for surgery. Am now fine and free from the fears of cancer.

— Harriet Nyinamwiza

“Iam Nakatongole Lydia a resident of kikubankima-nasuuti, Mukono district. am a breastfeeding mother with a baby of one month, 22 years old with one kid.
For years, I had a swelling in the breast which was painless, and so I never minded it. Later during pregnancy, it gave me severe pain and restlessness, until I met the ERIC team and they checked it and noticed a lamp. With their support, it was found out that the lamp had made the breast accumulate a lot of pus inside the swelling. I was operated and the lamp was removed. I am slowly getting better.
I am forever great full for the facilitation and support rendered to me.”


—Nakatongole Lydia

“As a highly educated individual, I never thought I would be susceptible to cancer. But when I was diagnosed with skin cancer, I realized how wrong I was. It was only through my knowledge and understanding of cancer that I was able to seek the right medical care and take proactive steps to prevent the further spread of the disease. I am now cancer-free and more committed than ever to educating others about the importance of cancer prevention.”

— Sara B, Mukono